Lakeridge has over 5 miles of walking trails that crisscross the community and connect the East Lodge, West Lodge, Ski Lodge, Sports Field and all points between. The trails cover all degrees of terrain for a challenging hike or a leisurely walk.

Burr Pond State Park offers nearly 23 miles of walking and hiking trails around one of the most picturesque lakes in the region. The park is only a stone's throw from the East Lodge pool deck.

A considerable addition to our trail system is coming soon! Lakeridge has partnered with adjacent Winchester Land Trust (WLT) and TorWin Farm to create miles of new trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and horseback riding! With 121 additional acres, Lakeridge will be protected from development, preserving the beautiful countryside that our community is known for. For information about the Winchester Land Trust, click here.

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